LDT has a wide network of long established and trusted suppliers and can offer to not only source against specific needs, but also ensure that material meets all current legislation in terms of legality and certification, arrives to the required quality and within the desired timeframe, thus giving you the buyer a consistent and reliable supply partner.

Our strict group timber procurement policy applies to all timber that we buy, regardless of the value, quantity or who we are looking to supply (UK or overseas). There are no exceptions to this and if we cannot satisfy not only ourselves but also our clients about the legality of the material being offered, then quite simply we do not offer it!

We also communicate our approach to all of our suppliers, making them aware of our requirements and encouraging them to gain further chain of custody certification so they can continue to supply us for the long term.

This approach enables us to achieve more sustainable results from our timber procurement  and gives our customers not only peace of mind in terms of meeting UK/EU legislation, but also pride in knowing that they sharing a common goal in ensuring our valuable resource continues to be available for now and for future generations to come.

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