Keruing Hardwood Products

Standard & Better SE Kiln Dried & Air Dried - 100% PEFC - SVLK

Latin Name: Dipterocarpus Spp

Our Keruing Hardwood Sapwood is greyish-brown, heartwood varies from light red to reddish brown or brown, darkening on exposure. Grain is usually straight but may be interlocked. Timber contains Oleo-Resin, which exudes normally from end grain. Keruing is available in sawn sizes or machined to standard half lap profiles for truck flooring.




Moderately Durable

740kg/m3 KD and 900-1050kg/m3 AD


Used for truck flooring, exterior cill sections, structural blockwork, road and street bollards.  Not suitable for interior joinery.


Average length 12'
Range 8' to 20'
Average width 7"

Sizes mm S/E K/D:

25mm, 32mm, 38mm, 50mm, 63mm, 75mm, 100mm, 22 x 145 1/2 Lap, 28 x 145 1/2 Lap

close up view of a far eastern Keruing hardwood grain