Meranti Hardwood Products

Selects & Better Dark Red SE Kiln Dried

Latin Name: Shorea Spp

Our Meranti Hardwood is medium to dark reddish brown in colour, with white Dammar or resin streaks. Fairly coarse texture with an interlocked grain. Works fairly easily and gives a good finish.







General joinery and constructional work, boat building as well as shopfitting, furniture and Parquet flooring.


Average length 10'
Range 6' to 18'
Average width 8"
Range 6" to 12"

Sizes mm S/E K/D:

25mm, 23 x 225mm, 32mm, 32 x 225mm, 38mm, 50mm, 63mm, 75mm, 100mm

Machined Meranti P.A.R:

45mm x 70mm, 45mm x 95mm

Window Board with Bullnose and Rebate:

26 x 170, 26 x 245, 26 x 220


close up view of a Far Eastern Meranti hardwood grain view of meranti hardwood stacked up high at one of Direct Timber's warehouses. close up view of meranti hardwood at one of Direct Timber's warehouses. Meranti hardwood at one of Direct Timber's warehouses.