North American Hardwood Products


At James Latham, we aim to deliver the most versatile range of American Hardwood Timber on the market. As a leading supplier of timber, lumber and other construction materials, we offer a vast range of products for use in a variety of different commercial and industrial applications.

Whether you require the dark tones of black walnut or the subtle warm shades of cherry, Direct Timber can provide a hardwood solution to meet your exact specification. Each variety of wood has been specifically chosen by our experts to deliver the very best performance while also providing premium aesthetics. No matter the project, choosing American Hardwoods from us ensures a hard-wearing and durable material designed for use in even the most demanding environments.

All of our North American Hardwood Timber is responsibly sourced and approved by the Forest Stewardship Council (FSC). As an environmentally conscious company, we place sustainability at the forefront of everything we do.  

Each piece of American Hardwood is kiln-dried to ensure that each product is supply is ready for use in the construction industry. We are proud to deliver leading timber with an ideal moisture content, going the extra mile to guarantee that each product gets the care and attention that it deserves.

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