White Oak Hardwood Products - FSC®

North American White Oak - FAS & FAS 1 FACE 80-20 SE Kiln Dried

Latin Name: Quercus Alba

Colour ranges from a light yellowy brown to pale biscuit, occasionally with a pinkish tinge depending on region and site condition in Eastern USA. Straight grained with a medium to coarse texture, it machines fairly readily and stains and polishes to an excellent finish.  From time to time we have lower grades and shorts available, e.g. Common & Selects.







Widely used for interior joinery, panelling, furniture, shopfitting and flooring.


Average length 8'
Range 6' to 15'

Average width 7"
Range 4" to 12"

Sizes mm - S/E K/D FAS:

25mm, 32mm, 38mm, 50mm, 63mm, 75mm, 100mm

view of several different types of grain's and colours that can be achieved from White Oak FSC hardwood.