iDECK Decking Collection


At LDT, we are proud to be able to offer not only the highest quality hardwoods and softwoods, but also an unparalleled timber decking service. Our iDECK Collection has an incredible reputation as being one of the most reliable and durable products on the market, which is no doubt down to the fantastic range of hardwoods available for this service.

From Brazil through West and East Africa to Indonesia and Malaysia, all of our iDECK Collection woods have been FSC® Certified as sustainable, making our iDECK Collection the responsible choice for all your hardwood timber decking needs. As much of the beauty of these tropical timbers lies in their variations of colour, we highly recommend that the timbers be regularly treated with a good quality oil preservative.

iDECK is a firm favourite with designers and architects due to the luxury quality of our products. This quality is ideal for impressive landscape and architectural developments, from residential to large commercial projects such as hotel and shopping centre terraces, promenades and walkways, as well as pool sides.

All hardwood timber decking from the iDECK Collection can be fitted with SAFEGRIP® technology, ensuring a consistent grip across the surface. SAFEGRIP® has proven its durability, not only over time, but also in diverse weather conditions, however, we do not recommend it for areas of barefoot usage.

To find out more information, including specifications and available sizes, please select a variety of our iDECK timbers above. To discuss your specific requirements, please don’t hesitate to contact one of our specialists.