Bangkirai / Yellow Balau Decking

FSC® Certified


Indonesia and Malaysia

Technical data:

Weight delivered – 1000/1100kg per m3

Durability classification:

1-2, (long service life) – hardwood, resistance to friction, fine shakiness, marginally split proof, no chemical treatment required.

Natural Colouring:

Yellow Balau Decking is light to medium brown, partly yellowish, and a fine silver patina forms over time.

Dry shrink rate:

Very high, medium degree of warp – small growth defects, some sapwood at the endings – small work holes (diameter 1-1.5mm) are typical characteristics caused by insect impingement, which are only active in standing tress – content substances/tannic acids may also be rinsed out by rain in the form of a brown fluid – contact with ferrous metals causes blue/black staining and should be avoided as the content substances tend to corrode ironwork.


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close up view of Bangkirai/Yellow Balau decking boards.