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Wood is not a uniform material and each plank of wood has its own character, dependent on the source and growing conditions of the tree from which it came. Although planks may emanate from the same source, they can show variation in grain and colour, sometimes on the same plank. Therefore, samples and photographs shown on our website and in our literature are unable to be representative of the total amount of wood delivered, each plank will be unique. Once the timbers are exposed to ultraviolet light however, natural oxidation will occur and the differences in colour and grain will become more uniform.
Much of the beauty of tropical timber lies in the variation in colour – from the warm red hues of Massaranduba, to the golden brown of Bangkirai and the rich chocolate brown of Ipe. In order to retain the richness of these colours, it is highly recommended that the timbers be regularly treated with a good quality oil preservative.
The guarantee for products within the iDECK decking range to resist impact, decay and insect attack is dependent on normal conditions of usage and is limited to the replacement of defective parts with the same or, at least, an equivalent product.
For non-reversible boards we do not guarantee the quality of the underside which could show defects such as nodes and small cracks.
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view of iDeck decking boards that have been installed