iLam Laminated Hardwood

iLam laminated hardwood sections are produced to clients' size and length requirements, with solid outer faces (known as DKD) or finger jointed faced (referred to as KKK).

Production is to Komo standard with D4 class glue line, making iLam the first choice for component manufacturing, requiring the allure of hardwood but with increased stability and lower waste factors.

Raw Material:

FSC or TLTV Sapele
PEFC Meranti
FSC Eucalyptus


0.9m + longer, 0.3m increments
Up to 3.6m lengths on DKD construction
Up to 6.0m lengths on KKK construction


Production is to Komo standard with D4 class glue line


Windows, doors and joinery


48 x 120 / 200
63 x 63 / 75 / 95 / 120 / 200
72 x 73 / 75 / 95 / 120 / 200
96 x 63 / 75 / 96

The above are typical sizes, other sizes and species of our laminated hardwood are available to forward order.

three iLam laminated hardwood planks leaning against each other at an angle. two windows sitting upright on a floor with iLam laminated hardwood frames. canopy for a front door created with iLam laminated hardwood. LDT iLam laminated hardwood stacked in one of Direct Timber's warehouses. window that has an iLam laminated hardwood frame.